Take care of your clothes and they'll take care of you. And not only that, they'll take care of the planet too, because the most sustainable pieces in your wardrobe will be the ones that last longer and don't need to be replaced every few months.

General care tips

Everything we design is made to last, but you can help by taking some simple steps.

First off, be careful not to overwash your Far Afield garments. They'll retain their shape, colour and integrity much longer by only machine washing when necessary. Sometimes a simple spot clean and air out is all that's required. 

When it is time for a run through the washing machine we recommend a gentle wash at 30 with similar colours.

Try to stay away from tumble drying too. It takes a toll on even the most durable of clothes. Not to mention taking up a lot of energy too. Hang clothes neatly and you can also avoid the need to iron too. The heat can make colours fade much faster.

Many of our sustainable fabrics have special care techniques, so we've listed those out below. 

Organic Cotton

Wool Blends