It’s show-time, folks.

For SS23 Far Afield take you on a non-stop cross-country tour showcasing their new collection, Wonders Of The World. A classic-meets-contemporary collection where the brand take inspiration from the travelling circus troops of 1950’s USA.

Using a faded colour palette that hints at the bright and bold moments of yesteryear, this is a collection full of whimsy and nostalgia seen through a grainy camera lens.

Print direction comes in the form of obscure shapes, swirls and movements that reference the performances of the troop. In amongst flying acrobats, you will find references to spotlights, kaleidoscopes, flowers, and clowns. Faded iconography and graphic & poster prints of the era are referenced, mixed with bold and brash statements that promise to whip the crowd into a frenzy.



The collection debuts an array of new product styles. New tailoring can be found in the form of the Zirkus Blazer; a contemporary take on the 1950’s sports jacket. The jersey department welcomes 3 new styles; the Popov Zip Top, Levy Half Zip Sweat, and the Bernardo Rugby. The latter a modern twist on a classic rugby shirt. Two new important additions to the knitwear department are the Pinto Vest and Marsan S/S Polo; both future classics in the making.

Alongside new product additions, you will find Far Afield’s core product as the backbone of the collection. The Station Jackets return in a variety of Italian sourced, textured cotton. Knitwear welcomes back some best sellers in new colourways and yarns; Jacobs S/S Polo, Velzy & Zigger S/S Cardigans to name a few.

Responsibly sourced materials are now mainstays in Far Afield collections. A variety of organic / BCI cotton and Tencel bases are used across core product. A new ‘Made In Portugal’ premium range can be found across the t-shirts, with all products using a high quality, sustainable hemp base. And, as always, recycled plastic bottles are used as the base fabric for all swimwear.

Now, let the show begin.


February 19, 2023