Ahead of the release of his Lost in Music mixtape, we posed a few questions about music, fashion, and inspiration to Japanese producer Kiyotaka Fukagawa, AKA Calm.



When did you first start making music? 
My journey began during my high school years. I played guitar and when I was 17, I started writing songs and playing in a band, I’ve been making music ever since.

How would you describe your music? 
My music pays homage to legendary sounds while infusing them with my own unique perspective. I reinterpret something authentic, but I make it distinctly my own, It's a like a fake, a simulacrum of the original.

Is there a release from your body of work that stands out to you as particularly meaningful or significant?
Each piece of music I've crafted holds a special place in my heart, akin to my children. It's impossible for me to rank them; each has its own significance and represents a unique part of my journey.

Can you outline some of the major influences on your work (musical or otherwise)?
My work draws inspiration from all sorts of brilliant and innovative music, the captivating landscapes of Japan, and the late-night TV program Midnight TV, a show that broadcasts wonderful scenery from around the world

Can you tell us a bit about your record label, Music Conception?
Initially, Music Conception provided a platform for young musicians to release their work. It now mostly features my own music.

What can you tell us about your Lost in Music mixtape?
This mixtape is influenced by the natural beauty of Yakushima Island in Japan, where the constant rain nurtures diverse forests, rivers, waterfalls, and beaches—it's a place I deeply cherish.

How would you describe your relationship with clothing and fashion?
Music inspires fashion, and fashion inspires music. Fashion designers are akin to artists, and stylists akin to DJs. Clothing brands are like music labels, and clothing shops resemble record shops.

Are there any records/films/books or similar that you’re enjoying, and would like to recommend?
I’ve been listening to a lot of The Beatles and Pharoah Sanders of late. I love the films of Jean-Luc Godard, and highly recommend Gregory Colbert’s film Ashes and Snow. I’m also really into vintage Mark Levinson audio equipment.

What are your plans for the future?
My plans include being a positive role model for my son, continuing to create music until my last breath, and to start doing more solo and collaborative live performances in the near future.


You can find out more about Calm and Music Conception over on their website, and keep up to date with events on Instagram.
You can listen to Vol. 38 – Calm “Yakushima” Mix on our Lost in Music page.
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April 08, 2024