By: Akasha System
Genre: Balearic

Hailing from the Portland, Oregon, Hunter P. Thompson aka Akasha System is next up in our ongoing mix series. A man with numerous pseudonyms (DJ Panthr, Opaline) it was the Akasha System moniker that had our ears standing to attention; more specifically the ‘Echo Earth’ LP from 2019. Think early 90’s ambient techno; gently layered textures paired with mellow keys and subtle basslines that ooze nostalgia for anyone familiar with the sounds of that era. Larry Heard and early Warp are lazy reference points, but you can’t help but hear the influence. More recently Hunter has released a follow up album, ‘Geomind’, on his new record label “Image Research”. We can confirm that it is more of the same, but … better. With a limited vinyl pressing of 300 we suggest a pick up on site policy.

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