Introducing Friends of Far Afield; an ongoing series in which we’ll visit some of Brighton’s best businesses, to talk shop with the staff and find out what they think makes our city so special.

In Part 1, we met with Ryan – manager of North Laine hot spot, Pelicano Coffee Co.

Can you give us a brief history of the shop and a roundup of what it is you do?

The Pelicano we’re at today (Sydney Street) opened its doors in 2014, and we’ve since branched out with two more locations in the city; a kiosk at The Level, and our largest location to-date, on Lewes Road. We make everything from espresso drinks to hand brews, pour overs, and aeropresses – plus we also bake our own cakes and pastries.

You mentioned that we’re at your Sydney Street location today. What’s it like working in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine?

It’s amazing! There’s such a buzz here, and we’re such a tight-knit community. You can’t walk down the street without bumping into at least five people you know, and that’s just on Sydney Street, let alone the other four lanes.

And finally, what makes Brighton so special – not just as a place to work but as a place to call home?

In terms of the coffee game, Brighton’s one of the best cities I’ve been to. Where we are today—in the heart of the North Laine—there’s at least twenty high quality coffee stores that are all bringing something different to the area, and customers gravititate to the ones where they know they’ll get their favourite type of speciality brew. You won’t find many places across the country with a coffee scene as vibrant as ours. As for living in Brighton, I’ve felt welcome from the moment I arrived. It’s a city that really allows people to be their true selves, and there’s no place like it.

For more info about Pelicano Coffee Co, you can visit their website here or follow them on Instagram here.

Photography by Damien O’Donnell
Words and styling by Charlie Gardiner

Tags: Community