The AW20 Looks series showcases our favourite outfits of the season and offers up some insight into which garments we feel pair perfectly.


Master grandad/geography teacher-chic in our first winter look. In all seriousness though, cardigans have been on the receiving end of some stick in the recent past and we’re having absolutely none of of it—unless of course we’re talking about those naff, paper-thin ones that were all the rage in the early 2000’s. Our Buckley Cardigan is a different beast all-together, though and when paired with a Larry Shirt? Winter winning.


The next look is a nod to mid-century cool, in the from of a knitted polo/corduroy trouser combo with retro appeal. The high contrasting colours add a much-needed splash of colour to a winter wardrobe, whilst remaining autumnal and earthy. Our Alfaro Polo is the perfect layering piece for bridging the gap between seasons, and the Corduroy Trousers do exactly what they say on the tin.


In another homage to classic, vintage styling, our second AW20 look marries orange, brown and pink with effortless aplomb. We’re getting strong Wes Anderson vibes from this one, thanks to the ZigZag Shirt and Buckley Cardigan combo. Top the outfit off with some Cord Kecks and you’ve nailed the vintage-appreciation aesthetic, without looking like you’re off to a 70’s fancy dress party.


Look number six really floats our boat on the colour matching front. The light maroon come deep pink of our organic cotton Crosby Cardigan highlights the accented stripe of the Streamer Shirt to eye-catching effect. It’s the type of outfit that’s equally as suited to your local pub with mates as it is a posh restaurant with your in-laws. A versatile virtuoso.


Onto the next one, which sees a mid-weight pullover popped under a lumberjack-esque flannel shirt, and to great effect. It may sound like an unusual thing to do, but in the same way you might wear a white tee with a summer shirt, our Vitor Ribbed Crewneck acts as the perfect backdrop for a bright and bold Checked Shirt, that’s too thick to be topped with a jumper.


Our next look juxtaposes vintage Soviet folk art with classic North American workwear, resulting in an outfit that shouldn’t but definitely does work. The Kohkloma Floral Shirt is essentially the Eastern Block’s answer to paisley. And the Bartos Shirt (a brand new style) is your archetypal lumberjack shirt, complete with convertible collar that can be worn open or closed.


Look number eight is so easy to pull off that even BoJo would look good in it (maybe). That being said, it’s far from dull and most definitely eye-catching. The flash of orange from our Diamond Knit is framed perfectly by the understated cool of our Normsk Jacket. It’s a cosy outfit too. The pullover is made from a chunky wool blend, whilst the overshirt’s cotton/poly makeup results in a super-soft lining, akin to brushed felt.


The second-to-last look is a real doozy with a super strong Scandinavian aesthetic. Our best-selling Porter Jacket is back in a deep yellow/light orange hue that’s akin to honeycomb and guaranteed to turn heads. Plus the much-loved Maurice Knit returns after a four-season-long hiatus to add some real pizzazz to our latest collection.


This look is all about pulling off matching patterns with minimal clashing and to maximum effect. The classic Fair Isle Jumper is a big, chunky number that’s ideal for cooler months, and when paired with the KGB Check Shirt, we’re talking serious layering. Our brand new collection is inspired by the halcyon days of Soviet design, and it can be seen perfectly in this outfit.

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