Two Tone Stripe Socks (Navy / Ecru / Red)

Organic Cotton Blend

Premium Collection – Made in Portugal

Inspired by classic mountain climbing toe-toasters, our Two Tone Stripe Socks are crafted in Portugal from a blend of the finest organic cotton. Though designed with hiking up hills in mind, these beauties are just as at home when paired with your favourite sandals.

– Ribbed cuff
– Ribbed, elasticated instep
– Made in Portugal
– Organic cotton blend
– UK 7-11


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Product Type

Hiking Socks

Fabric Type

Organic Cotton Blend

The majority of non-organic is grown is countries that are experiencing water shortages. The organic cotton we source, however, does not contribute negatively to the scarcity of supplies. Organic cotton farmers use healthier soil that holds on to water far more efficiently, particularly during droughts. They rely heavily on rainwater as opposed to extracting from the ground, which can have knock-on impact on their local communities. Careful consideration is also given to make sure non-harmful pesticides are used on crops.

As of early 2022, all our product packaging is 99.9%* plastic-free. In 2019, we began the process of phasing out all non-recyclable plastics from our packaging. That means no non-recycled plastic bags, plastic clips, collar straighteners, plastic swing tags, and plastic labels; we now substitute with paper, cardboard or metal.

The individual product bags used are a recyclable, naturally biodegradable, transparent paper bag by the sustainability packaging brand Vela. Their philosophy, along with ours, is to replace plastic poly bags with sustainable and recyclable paper packaging.

The mailing bags used for on-line orders are made from 100% recycled materials and contain biodegradable additive to assist with the biodegrading process.

We have a strict no-plastics policy on all our buttons and trims.

* For our larger products like Outerwear we are still searching for a suitable ‘non-plastic’ alternative. The individual product bags we use here are category recycled and are considered a safe form of plastic.

We are conscious of the carbon footprint of our process but accept that getting raw materials into production and then into your home implies great deal of transport. We avoid use of airfreight as much as possible.

We have logistics process which streamlines deliveries to ensure maximum efficiency, including use of recycled cardboard and maximum load densities to get most efficient haulage time and frequency cutting down on wastage and empty consignment space.

We use sea transport with cargo vessels which abide by the highest standards of pollution reduction and best industry practice.

Learn more about our sustainable journey.

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