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Volume 4 - A Big Sky Place

By: Graeme Fisher
Genre: Balearic, Ambient
A lovely eclectic mix from Graeme Fisher; one for switching off and floating away too. Here's the inspiration behind it: "Living in a city you rarely see the sky without a line of rooftops, buildings or cranes obscuring the whole picture. Like many things it’s easy to take this for granted and it’s only when faced with a different outlook that it becomes apparent. This has been the case on several occasions this year to the extent that the phrase ‘a big sky place’ has become commonly used round my way. I’ve been to Scotland, The Lake District and Ibiza over the passed few months - all parts of the world that carry the tag perfectly. So this mix contains some of the music that sound tracked or has been inspired by inordinate hours gazing up into a big sky."
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