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Volume 1 - Cornish Horizons

By: Coyote
Genre: Balearic, Folk
Coyote's Timm Sure gives us the lowdown on the music selected within: "This mix is a tribute to Cornwall, long car journeys as a kid, car radio in the backseat, getting out of the car on the motorway in summer gridlock, my dad, 70’s sunshine, guitars, actual songs, singers, the first time I smelt new flip flops, first taste of proper scampi, beaches, being on holiday, wet dogs, half a woodpecker, Korev, standing on weaver fish, speedboat trips, birds of prey, crazy golf, wind howling off the Atlantic, swimming in the sea, shitting it in a riptide, boarding, sand dunes, seagulls and Cornish sunsets. All of these songs have been played either on the radio or tapes in my Dads car when we went on family holidays to Cubert and Holywell Bay or subsequently on my own ‘holiday mixes’ for the drive down to Padstow and Harlyn Bay."
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