Far Afield Gift Voucher

What do you buy the person who has it all? A Far Afield gift card, that’s what.

Let the recipient of such a card leisurely peruse our on-line shop, choosing a snazzy product that will suit his/her needs. And most importantly it means you, the generous gift-giver, don’t have to waste your time trying to find something.

Gift Cards are ideal for birthdays, Christmas‚ Bar Mitzvahs, or just general acts of kindness. They come in branded orange envelope, and you can choose a value of anything from £5 upwards.

Gift Cards don’t have to be spent all in one go and are valid on all brands/products on our website.

Please note: Available to UK and Channel Islands only



Plastics Packaging

By mid 2021, we are aiming to be plastic-free. So far, we are making good progress. In 2020, we phased out non-recyclable plastics from our packaging. That means no non-recycled plastic bags, plastic clips, collar straighteners, plastic swing tags, and plastic labels; we now substitute with wood, paper/cardboard or metal.

This does, however, mean your garment may not appear as over-packed as other brands, but we feel this is small price to pay when it comes to the environment. The quality of the garment is obviously not affected.

The individual product bags we use are category recycled and are considered safe form of plastic. We are in the process of phasing these bags out and will soon be introducing Vela product bags in 2021 a recyclable, naturally biodegradable, transparent paper bag.

The mailing bags used for on-line orders are made from 100% recycled materials and contain biodegradable additive to assist with the biodegrading process. These are also being phased out throughout 2021, and all bags will be made from 100% sugarcane.

We also have strict no-plastics policy on all our buttons and trims.


We are conscious of the carbon footprint of our process but accept that getting raw materials into production and then into your home implies great deal of transport. We avoid use of airfreight as much as possible.

We have logistics process which streamlines deliveries to ensure maximum efficiency, including use of recycled cardboard and maximum load densities to get most efficient haulage time and frequency cutting down on wastage and empty consignment space.

We use sea transport with cargo vessels which abide by the highest standards of pollution reduction and best industry practice.

Learn more about our sustainable journey.