By: Sensible Soccers
Genre: Experimental

It’s off to Portugal for Vol. 35, and more specifically the small rural village of Fornelo. With their vintage computer game inspired name, Sensible Soccers consist of band members Filipe, Hugo and Manuel. They make mainly instrumental music, with a nod to ambient, downtempo, psychedelic, house and the odd jazz flute (go check ‘Elias Katnan’), and have been doing so since 2011. The latest album, “Aurora” is inspired by memory, nostalgia and childhood memories and has been a big hitter on the Far Afield HQ jukebox since its release last year. Known as something of a cult band in Portugal, we recommend you try and catch a live show, pick up an album or two, but firstly, go check out their guest mix here. Obrigadinho!

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