By: Be With
Genre: Jazz

Be With Records is headed up by our old Manchester friend, Rob Butler. A fellow vinyl nerd, Rob founded Be With out of a frustration that certain records were no longer available on vinyl, or * shock – horror * they were never released on vinyl in the first place. Officially a re-issue label, Be With have released music by a broad range of artists over the years; covering jazz vocal group, Rare Silk, new wave act, The Necessaries, to rare groove Ned Doheny, and everything in between. It is a record label that is not driven by genre, instead focusing on high quality music with high quality packaging and vinyl pressing. It is fitting then that the guest mix here is impossible to pigeonhole in to one genre; taking in jazz, jazz-funk, folk, reggae, dancehall, and soul … this is Rob’s ‘Postcards from Santa Cruz’.

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