By: Santilli
Genre: Balearic

Fresh from his debut solo release ‘Surface’ on Into The Light Records, we’ve managed to pin down Mr Santilli for a guest mix. We don’t know much about the man in question apart from he goes by the name Max, lives in Sydney, and makes exquisite ambient, acoustic guitar music that is laced with spacey synth sounds and sun-kissed rhythms. The aforementioned debut album is compiled from 2 years of home recordings made between 2016-2018. It’s perfect sunshine music and has been getting some heavy rotation here at Far Afield hq as the fading autumnal sun drops off behind the horizon. If you haven’t picked up the LP yet, then we heavily encourage you to do so before it’s out of press. In the meantime, treat yourself to this mix of some of the influences behind Max’s music.

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