By: Bartosz Kruczyński
Genre: Balearic

We visit Poland for our next guest mix, a true Varsovian, and one of our favourite producers of the last few years. Bartosz Kruczyński first appeared on our radar back in 2015 with his collaborative project, Ptaki – meaning ‘Birds’ for the none Polish amongst us. Up there with one of the best releases of that year, ‘Przrelot’ is composed by using rare and obscure samples that touch on cod reggae, downtempo & yacht rock and which has an overall quintessential balearic-ness about it. Ever since then we’ve been keeping a watchful eye on his ‘The Phantom’ & ‘Earth Trax’ pseudonyms, as well as his self-titled releases. The fantastic ‘Baltic Beat’ album on Growing Bin Records from a few years back is a buy on sight if you don’t own a copy already; think new age, balearic, ambient & world music, all on one mighty, mighty fine LP.

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