By: Phil Mison
Genre: Balearic

Starting the year with a Balearic bang, it’s former Café Del Mar resident and all-round nice chap, Phil Mison on guest duty. ‘Balearic’ is somewhat of a buzzword these days – we’ve already used it twice in this blurb – but if ever there was one guest mix from our series that deserves that tag, it’s this one. Phil has produced music under many a guise over the years, with Ambala, Frontera, Reverso 68 just a few that spring to mind. However, it’s his Cantoma project that first piqued our attention back in early 2000, and those incredibly allusive Music For Dreams vinyl releases. Ever since then we’ve been hooked, and now with three Cantoma long players under his belt, and a recent – and most excellent – compilation on Leng he has cemented himself as one of the best DJ’s and producers around in his field. It’s an honour to have him on board. Dig in.

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