By: Dionigi
Genre: Disco

Marco Dionigi has been plying his DJ trade in Italy since the early 90’s. He is a man with cosmic connections, and has collaborated on several projects with the don of all things cosmic, Danielle Baldelli. Releases of note from the two include Cosmicdiba and Dibadub (Gomma Records, 1999), the celebrated Funkadiba – The Future Funk (Jaywork, 2003), and the Alien Picnic album (Jaywork, 2002), Not content with just their production output, the Dionigi-Baldelli duo also launched their own record label, “Pedivelle Records”. Marco has compiled a great mix for us here, and when asked for a track list he politely declined saying most of the tracks were exclusive unreleased edits and re-edits – lucky us!

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