By: Steve Cobby
Genre: R&B, Soul
Quite possibly the only perk of Covid-19 is that it has given us ample opportunity to pester some of our favourite DJ’s/producers/muso-types whilst they isolate in their homes/studios/sheds. The latest guest to come up trumps is Hulls finest, and all-round top bloke, Steve Cobby. Steve is a man with 30+ years in the business, one half of Fila Brazillia, one third of Heights Of Abraham, and one cog (in the sadly now defunct) Pork Recordings wheel. These are bands, and a record label, that are very close to our hearts at FA, and they should need no introduction. These days he produces music under the Steve Cobby moniker for his own Declasse record label and has an impressive output of almost 10 x LP’s over the last 6 years. The majority of which get regular play in the FA studio, with his “СТИВИ” offering being the latest. Be sure to check out Steve’s work here.

An introduction, please … who are you, where are you, and what pays the bills?

Steven Jon Cobby. Resident and native of Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire.

Where was the mix recorded, and what is the inspiration behind it?

Recorded in my Studio at the bottom of the garden a.k.a. The Shed and its a chilled love letter to my partner Deb

Strictly vinyl? Strictly digital? Couldn’t care less?

Strictly music. I’m more concerned with the message than the format. I wouldn’t obsess with the envelope a love letter came in.

‘Balearic’, seems to be a somewhat overused term these days, but if you had to – and we are asking you to – describe the essence of ‘Balearic’ in one record?

It used to mean anything you couldn’t get away with in a main room. Now it seems to have narrowed to easy listening muzak with nylon acoustic guitars.

Favourite place you’ve travelled to? And why?

Japan. Astonishing ancient culture and wonderful people. Nowhere on earth like it.

Sunset or Sunrise? And the best place to experience it?

Sunset on any west coast.

Most embarrassing record(s) you’ve bought? Most expensive? And your best bargain bin finds you’ve dug out over the years?

I Just Cant Help Believing by Elvis Presley in 1972. Never been embarrassed by my taste. Best bargain bin was a heap of old ECM LP’s from Amoeba records for about 10cents each. This was in 94 and vinyl was at its nadir.

Favourite DJ you’ve heard play out over the years?

Questlove of The Roots at The Room in the early nineties.

Who has had the biggest influence on your musical career over the years? And why ?

Most probably Deb, in practical terms, as she has allowed me to carry on writing and recording after Fila Brazillia stopped releasing by being the main bread winner in the house.

Anything else we should know about you or what you are up to in terms of music releases, dj stuff, what underwear you are wearing etc. ?

A new Fila Brazillia EP of unreleased material from the 90’s is imminent and should be out in October. I should be releasing my 7th solo LP on Declasse over the festive season. Not got a name for it yet.

And do you have a track listing for the mix provided?

– Jealous Guy – Donny Hathaway
– How Long Til Were Home – Ello Ella May
– Bittersweet – Lianne Le Havas
– Like That – Douniah
– In Love And War – XamVolo
– All The Snow IS Gone – Sniffle Party
– Balcony Vibes – Katashi Kaito
– Infinite Instance – Billy Hoyle
– And If I Forget – Leon Revol
– Inside You – Eddie Henderson
– Agua De Coco – Marcos Valle
– Saffron – MF DOOM
– Talk To Me – Reginald Omas
– Memory Digital – Taylor McFerrin
– The Sweetest Pain – Dexter Wansel
– Nights Are Cold – Michocan
– Let Me In Your Life – Bill Withers

A huge thanks to Steve for taking some time out to answer the above. Be sure to check out his latest album, it’s a good ‘un.

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