What’s more wintery than a plaid flannel shirt? A plaid flannel shirt that’s paired with an icy blue corduroy jacket and fleecy gilet. That’s what. The faint suggestion of blue in the Larry Shirt‘s check is picked out perfectly by the Porter Jacket‘s block colour, which in turn is mellowed by the neutral tone and texture of the Whistler Gilet. Now that’s an outfit.

Here we have another winter staple; the humble roll neck. Worn by fishermen from Porto to Portmeirion, these chunky knits are both practical and pleasing. Our Deuters comes in a beautiful blue of mohair mix that’s sumptuously soft. Add to the mix our Porter Jacket and Whistler Gilet, and well, you’re on to a winner in our book. Workwear perfection.

And finally, take a look at this combination of Autumnal Orange and Duffel Green. It’s a match made in hue heaven. The textures aren’t half bad either. The chunky corduroy Porter Jacket is complimented by an even weightier ribbed knit in the form of our Tanner Pullover, which are both softened by the silkiness of our fleecy Whistler Gilet. Lovely stuff.

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