They say the key to a great gift is finding something that the recipient would love but would never buy themselves: a more expensive version of something they use every day, a luxury they want but don’t need, or something completely new they never would have thought of themselves. Whatever your strategy, this Christmas gift guide is here to help you with present ideas for men.

For us at Far Afield HQ there is no better gift than something to wear (not biased at all), so whether you are feeling generous towards your father-in-law or playing Secret Santa with a limited budget the answer is always clothes. Remember, every time he puts on their Christmas jumper, statement socks or new favourite jacket, he will think of you. Follow the tips below and you can’t go wrong.

Gifts for your dad / granddad / father-in-law: this cardigan, this jacket, this belt.

Gifts for your boyfriend / brother / best friend: this jumper, these trainers, this backpack, this hat.

Gifts for your Secret Santa pick: these socks, this voucher, this doorstop.

To make it even easier, we have put together 3 guides based on your budget, so you can find gifts for him for:
under £50
under £75
under £100

Now you are done with all that generosity, don’t forget to treat yourself to a little something too.